360°video live streaming

Live distribution of VR movies easily

It is an application platform with functions necessary for 360 ° motion picture management and delivery, and it can utilize a high-performance 360 ​​° movie and distribution platform with short delivery time and low cost.

Provided service

Mass distribution type of live streaming

We deliver concerts, sports, various event venues etc in real time in 360 ° video and offer new experiences different from ordinary live delivery.It supports streaming distribution via RTMP protocol and stream playback with HTTP Live streaming (HLS) to protect content and live distribution with 4K high picture quality.

Low delay interactive type of live streaming

We will perform bidirectional live streaming delivery with 360°video.With two-way communication with employees and stakeholders in remote areas such as conferences, education and training, you can talk with each other while checking the facial expression and environment of your opponent with 360-degree video images, realizing efficient communication.Bidirectional live streaming system can deliver with low delay with live delivery technology by WebRTC.

Live delivery agency

Utilizing Youtube and other live distribution systems, we will act on behalf of 360°live distribution.

Live distribution kit

We have a lot of equipment necessary for 360°live distribution.It supports high-quality delivery such as distribution kit combining digital single lens and wide angle lens and Insta 360 Pro.

Compatible equipment

Insta360 Pro

BlackMagic + Entaniya250

GoPro Omni


GoPro Back to Back

Theta V

iPhone + Insta one


Example of VR live distribution

We introduce examples of utilization of VR live distribution.

Super High Resolution Mountain Monitoring System


Conventional mountain monitoring system usually uses a low resolution web camera or fixed DSLR. Because of these specifi...


Examples of utilization.

We will show you more examples of utilization of PANOPLAZA LIVE.